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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Descriptive text about PET

ini adalah contoh descriptive text yang dibuat untuk tugas bahasa inggris , silahkan untuk dijadikan contohnya. 


Hello my friend , I’m here I’d like to talk about my pet . 

The name of my pet is KENARI. KENARI is a male canary bird . I give the name because I don’t have idea to give him name , so I give name from his call name in indonesia . Canary bird is a pure bird from canary island one of land on African. I get him from bird shop near my friend house. 

He has a beautiful feather , the color of his feather whitish yellow and the feather is smooth  and cute. He can fly fast and can make a beautiful sound melodic  . His claw sharp but it will not hurt, the fuction of his claw is for open the fruit skin for his food. I like him , because he is a present from my parent when I birthday, and he can make a beautiful sound . He live in cage , but he seems happy because I give him a food three times for a week , and always clean his cage every Saturday.

So maybe just about my pet , I apologize when any error , thank you for your attention . Goodbye



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